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   NEW GENERATION ELECTRO-DERMATOMES   DK - 717                           

 Kovalchuk KMT Ternopil – development, production, sale and post-warranty service of medical equipment for burning injury, plastic surgery, and traumatology departments.

 We are the first company on the market for medical equipment to offer a line of new generation cutting tools for skin transplantation, in particular, modern models of disk  and linear dermatomes.

 Our unique development is the electro-dermatome with a high-precision disposable cutting head, allowing to take both ultrathin and medium-thickness skin transplants.

 The use of a disposable cutting element makes it possible to improve epidemiologic safety at in-patient surgical facilities, minimizes the risk of in-hospital patient infection with dangerous viruses like HIV infections and hepatitis A and B viruses, and decreases considerably the surgery preparation time.  The dermatome is also equipped with an autonomous dynamic drive system with a block of rechargeable batteries. The drive system is air-tight and maintains chemical sterilization. Another of the dermatome’s advantages is the possibility of its repeated use in urgent cases due to quick replacement of the sterile cutting head and the use of a special sterile hose for protection of the drive system.

           Our company’s latest development is a new model of disk electro-dermatome equipped with a local drive system and a block of rechargeable batteries, in which the cutting part is subject to sterilization by autoclaving. The dermatome is equipped with disposable and reusable disk knives.

            The company produces blades for a range of cutting tools used for skin transplantation.